Old Town in Kathmandu

Holy men of Nepal
1. Old Royal place and temples
2. Budhanil kantha
3. Monkey temple
4. National Museum
5. Pashupatinath temple
6. Boudhanath Temple
7. Gokarana8. Sankhu
9. sundarijal
10. Dakshinkali

1. Durbar squre
2. Krishna Mandir
3. Mahabougha
4. Kumbushwor temple
5. Ashok Stupa
6. Godavari
7. Phulchowki

1. Durbar Squre
2. Nyatpol temple
3. Bhairabnath Temple
4. Surya vinayak

Old Town in Kathmandu

Pashupatinath ceremonial place in Kathmandu

Around the city Tour:

1. Changu Narayan:
Situated at the end of a long ridge which well into the valley, it is said to have been built by King Hari Datta in 323 Ad and said to be the oldest temple in the valley.It was listed in the UNESCO world heritage monument list in 1979.

Temple in Kathmandu valley

2. Khokana:
Khokana is a Newar Farming place lying 7 km south of the ring road that encircles the two cities of Kathmandu and Patan the village begins with a wide cobbled street and in the middle of the main street lies the temple of shekali mai,Khokonas local mother goddess. Khokana is a famous for mustard oil,which is still made traditional way,and spun woolen yarn.

3. Nagarkot
Nagarkot is a popular tourist resort of Nepal.It is situated 32 km at an altitude of 2180 meters above ses level .The panorama of the major peaks of the eastern Nepal Himalayan including sagarmatha can be seen from here. this place is famous for sunrise ans sun set viewing.

4. Kakani
It is located 28 km northwest of Kathmandu citythe fabulous holiday area of kakani features attractions ranging from beautiful alpine scenery to the magnificient Himalayan panorama particularly of the Ganesh himal Massif. Other peaks of Annapurna to the west and Gaurishankar in the east

5. Dhulikhel
An ancient town is situated 30 km west of Kathmandu on the side of Arinico Rajmarg. The Newar town of dhulikhel offers a traditional atmosphere along with spectacular views.Once an important links in the ancient trade route to Tibet ,

6. Panauti
It is a thriving Newari village with beautiful temples and interesting old houses. the drive passes through the beautiful countryside.

7. Namobuddha
It is situated hill above Panauti. It requires an easy drice or good walk to get there there is an amazing legend related to the Buddha, which is commemorated, by an ancient stone slab and a stupa with the all- seeing eyes of lord Buddha.

Beautiful resturant

Historical and religious sights out side from Kathmandu:

1. Gorkha: Gorkha is the birth place of king Prithivi Narayan Shah the great,the founder of modern Nepal. Situated on a hill overlooking the snowy peaks of the himalaya is a beaaautiful old place known as Gorkha Durbar.There are two attractive temples of Goraknath and kali in side the palaceprecient. Gorkha can be reached in about six hours by road from Kathamdu and .a side trip to Manakamana Temple on the way to Gorkha is very enjoyable and interesting.

2. Muktinath:

God of Nirvana Muktinath famous temple lies in the district of Himalayan range Mustang.situated about 18 km northeast from Jomsom at an altitude of 388m. the main shrine is a pagoda shaped temple dedicated to lord Vishnu.It is believed that one should visit this temple after competing pilgrimagesof four Dhams in India.this Temple held secred by hindus as well as Buddhists.

3. Tansen:

Tansen is situated at an altitude of 1343m, Tansen is the most popular summer resort in western Nepal on account of its position and climate.It has the most extensive views of the countrys chief attraction,the himalaya from dhaulaghiri in the west to Gaurishanker to the north east.It takes about 7 hours drive from Pokhara.

4. Lumbini:
Lumbini, the birth place of siddhartha Gautam,the shakya prince and the ultimate Buddha ,the enlightened one is the piligrimagedestination of the world 's millions of people faithful to all schools of Buddhism .This nativity site,identified by Indian Emperor Ashokas comme- morative pillor is listes as a world heritagev site by UNESCO.

The main attraction of the lumbini remains the sacred garden spread over 8sq km. and processing all the treasures of the historic area. The mayadevi Temple is the main attraction for pilgrimis and archeological sites.

5. Chitwan:
Chitwan,the Royal chitwan National park lies in the Terai Region and west -south from Kathmandu. this is the best managed national park in Asia.It encompasses an area of 360 squre miles of sub- tropical forests comprising of grasslands,sal forests and riverine forests. the diversity of this Luxurant Vegetation provides the ideal habitat for the 50 different kinds of mammals and the 524 different species of birds.

6. Daman:
For those seeking the ultimate seeking the pan himalays view,Daman is the place to go .located 80 km south west of Kathmandu valleyDamean(2400m) offers the only unimpeded view of the entire Himalayan range. Daman is located on the tribhuvan highway between the Kathmandu and The town of Birgunj.

7. Janakpur:

A great religious place, Janakpur is famous as the birthplace of sita,the consort of Lord Ram. There is an artistic marble temple of Sita(Janaki) p[opularly known as Naulakha Mandir . Religious festival and Trade fair and other festival held here on bhbaha Panchami and Ram Nawami . Janakpur is linked by Kathmandu by road and air.

8. Pokhara:

Pokhara an enchanting city nestled in the tranquil valley (900m) is the starting point for many of the Nepalese most popular trekking and rafting destinations.the scenery of Phewa lake and the magnificence of the fishtail summit of Machhapuchhera rising behind it create an ambience of peace and magic. The valley surrounding Pokhara is home to thick forests,gushings rivers clear lakes and the world famous views of the himalaya. Situated west of Kathmandu,Pokhara is connected by air as well as road from India boarder and Kathmandu Valley.

Mountain View from Phokhara

Lake View from Phokhara

9. Nawakot:

Nuwakot lies 70 km north of Kathmandu Nuwakot has a nine forts of the region namely Belkot,Kalijkot,Malkot,Dhuwankot,Pyaskot,simalkot, Dhaibunkot and Syallankot.Nuwakot bears a special importance in the history of Nepal as king Prithivi Narayan shah planned and launched several unification campaigns from this historic town . A pagoda style building popularly known as the seven storey Nuwakot palace stands as the landmark of Nuwakot ,the Talaju temple is situated on a small hill in the middle of the town.

10. Bandipur:
Located on a 1000m ridge in Tanau district some 140 km from Kathmandu,Bandipurs
Hallmark is its beautiful scenery. At the eastern part of the town is the pagoda roofed Bindabisani temple whiche houses goodess Durga, Bandipurs guardian city.the rich wooden carvings and detailed brass -work that adornedthe temple are replicas of those found in the many old pagoda structures of the Kathmandu valley.the other important temples and shrinesin the vicinity include the Mahalaxmi temple with its exquisite woodwork and the Khadga Devi Temple which comes alive once a year during the desain festival.

11. Gosaikund:
One of the most famous pilgrimage destinations of Nepal is Gosaikund lake, which is situated at an altitude of about 4360m.the best approach to Gosaikund is through dhunche.dhunche is linked with Kathmandu by moterable road or directly by helicapter the gosaikund. te lake is grand and picturesque. There are other nine famous lakes such as Saraswati, Bhairab, Sourya,Ganesh Kund etc.